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Assisted Pull Ups Tutorial to get you confident and enjoying this amazing exercise! It’s part of our Fit Mom Journey and our BuzzChomp fitness video series.


Assisted pull ups tutorial is here to help you see the benefits to just trying pull ups out. When I used to go to a paid gym I was awesome at pull ups. I’d work with the assisted pull ups machine and then when Dan and I went to the gym together he’d always spot me on pull ups. It’s been years though since I’ve gone to a paid gym so gone are those pull ups machines.

A while back I got a pull up bar to put in one of my doors. I need to use it more than I do, but this is a great way to get an awesome workout in. Pull ups are tough and intense. The best way to get great at them is to have a spotter. I’m lucky to have Dan to help me with pull ups.

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If you don’t have a spotter though just hanging on the bar will help you get the confidence and strength to work on pulling up on your own! Make sure you get a pull up bar with the arm straps because using these will help you get stronger for pull ups. You need a strong core to pull your body up so work on pulling your knees in and kick your legs out!

Watch our full tutorial to see all the ways you can work on pull ups through our assisted pull ups tutorial.

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