Foundation Season 1 Episode 8 | Lies Exposed

I feel another time jump coming on, but which direction will Gaal and Salvor go? Who created the vault and when? Both must find destiny in Foundation season 1 as the lies have been exposed. My Episode 8 reaction and more.


The truth will set you free, or in Gaal’s case, send you 100 years into the future! Foundation season 1 exposed its lies, liars, and hidden agendas. Now all that’s left is for Salvor to use her special brain to navigate the Invictus ghost ship through time and space so she can FINALLY connect with Gaal. Since Hari was lying, Empire always lies, and no one can decipher the truth, all that’s left is another trip though time.

I don’t believe there is only one sentient android left, but as the Empire crumbles and Brother Dawn epitomizes it’s end, we must wonder who is truly fighting and for what. Salvor protects Foundation #1 and the vault, while Gaal controls Foundation #2 destined to be on her home world. With humans that can feel the future and see the truth of the past, I’d hope the present gets united soon. Foundation season 1 truly asks the deep questions.

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I may have to do some reading, because I’m loving Foundation season 1 and its based upon one of the most acclaimed science fiction series of all time. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation began as a trilogy, but became even more books in the end. After the robot wars, Empire took control. Now the power is crumbling, war is erupting, and humanity is dangerously close to annihilation. Only one scientist sees a means to preserve our knowledge, with a foundation.

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