Horror Comedy Collection of Shorts from Pillow Talk TV

horror comedy

Four insane horror comedy shorts full of scares, freak outs and a near death experience. Horror is forever and its kind of our thing. Your horror comedy collection from Pillow Talk TV. It’s okay to laugh, we promise.


horror comedy

Watch “Psycho Hallway Nightmare” comedy shorts right here.

Every direction looks exactly the same! This PSYCHO hallway is legit terrifying. Can we survive the nightmare? Where the hell are we? Hell. Definitely hell. Halloween comedy is the best way to say Happy Halloween!


horror comedy

Watch “Insane Halloween Scare” comedy shorts right here.

What is the ultimate Halloween scare? Mandi pulled it off! She hid in a box for way too long and scared the crap out of poor Dan. Watch this insane Halloween scare in slow mo, super fast speed, and the way it went down. Happy Halloween from Pillow Talk TV!

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Watch “Horrific Sleep Eating” comedy short right here.

Never wake a sleep walker, they say. Never say never, because sleep eating the last cupcake is as horrific a wake up call as anything. Michael Myers may have stalked people, but did he stalk cupcakes? The Halloween horrors continue on Pillow Talk TV.


horror comedy

Watch “Dead Body Freak Out” horror comedy short right here.

Holy heck, my lover is dead! He won’t wake up, so how do I dispose of the body? Dispose of the body, or call 9-1-1? Dead body? 9-1-1? Time to freak the hell out! Happy Halloween rascals.


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