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All about the fitness motivation! The real workout starts at tired.

This is truly how your going to get the most out of your workouts and up your fitness level. You’re tired and you want to stop. That is the perfect time to keep going. That is when your workout truly begins!

You get the most benefits out of your workout when you push yourself further than you think you can go. That’s really how you can get the “easiest” results. Now let me tell you know it’s not going to be easy! It’s going to be hard but oh so worth it! You’ve got to push yourself mentally.

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You have to battle your mental at first. I have been totally guilty of wanting to push past where I want to stop and making excuses for reasons why I don’t. No more excuses! Make today that day that you go out there and you go farther, faster, and harder than you did yesterday. You want to run a mile longer then do it! Who cares how long it takes you or if you slow down. Just do it and the next time you do it it will be easier and soon it will be your new normal!

By implementing this practice you’ll constantly be taking your workouts to new levels! You’ll see amazing results and you’ll reach fitness goals you never dreamed of!

Share your fitness successes with me!

Because that’s what Motivational Monday is all about starting your week off strong.
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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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