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It’s out Fit Mom journey and it’s all about raising a fit daughter. Part of our BuzzChomp fitness series.


Raising a fit daughter is my mission and part of my Fit Mom journey. Looking back on my childhood I definitely saw my mom working out, running, and it made me want to do those things. She used to take me biking, rollerblading, rollerskating, and all those fun things. I want to do that for my daughter.

Having had this love of doing physical activities since I was a child it made me continue with them when I got older. It also made it extremely easy for me to transition to a fitness regimen once I stopped with organized sports. Being able to see my mom do it every day made me see how easy it was to do continue to workout.

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That’s my plan for my daughter and a made goal of being a Fit Mom. Raising a fit daughter doesn’t have to be hard. For us, Maddi already loves to watch my husband and I workout. She comes running with me every morning and she loves to go for walks! Showing her that our fitness journey is just as natural as eating, sleeping, and showering will help her understand just how important it is to be fit!

I love sharing my fit mom journey with you. I’m embracing raising a fit daughter because just like my fit mom journey it is natural and easy once embraced!

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