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It’s time to release a habit especially something that you consistently do that you know isn’t working for you. It’s part of our Fit Mom Journey here on BuzzChomp.


This is part of your whole health journey which is a big part of being a Fit Mom. I love habits and find that it’s great to have good habits that you do daily but I know I sometimes turn a blind eye to the not so good habits that I do.


For me I’m always make excuses for people which is very funny because I don’t make excuses for myself. I find that I’ve worked on hard not making excuses for myself so there is no reason why for me to do it for other people. So that’s it on my Fit Mom Journey I’m letting go of that. I’m over and done with it.

If you’re looking for a straight physical fitness habit take a hard look at how intense your workouts hard. It’s super easy to think you’re pushing yourself and you’re really not. Make sure this week you’re really being honest with yourself about your workouts. Let go of just telling yourself that you’re pushing yourself. Go out there and do it.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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With spring on the horizon it’s a great time on this Fit Mom Journey to release a habit. What habit will you release?


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