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It’s our Fit Mom Journey and it’s time to let go of your pre baby body! Part of our BuzzChomp fitness series.


I definitely had to let go of my pre baby body. It’s easy to constantly compare yourself to how you remember yourself, but the key here that it’s just your memory. For me I got to a very good fit version of myself prior to getting pregnant. It’s why I was able to keep working out so hard during my pregnancy and didn’t gain as much weight.

The above being said I held on to how my abs looked and I was determined that post pregnancy my abs would be like they were before. I had this image in my head and I wanted to get there, but I knew I first needed to get back to my previous fitness level.


It’s funny because prior to having my babe I scheduled my workouts, focused on them, and worked extremely hard to get the body I wanted. Since having my baby I’ve done all that, but I have to take the workouts I can get in! I have to run as far as I can, run when I can, and bring my baby with me. The abs I wanted to be my focus, but over the past few months so many other life adventures took up my time.

I let go of my pre-baby body and so should you let go of your pre baby body. Just getting out there on my fit mom journey and not focusing on what I used to look like made me accomplish my above goal! Let go of your pre baby body and you will surprise yourself and your body will even look better.

Last week I realized that I achieved that goal that I set for myself while I was pregnant, but the secret is I didn’t focus on it. I let my fit mom journey take me there and I held on to let go of my expectations. Let go of your pre baby body, focus on just getting your workouts in, and you will see amazing results!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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Remind yourself to let go of your pre baby body and you’ll be successful on your Fit Mom Journey.



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