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I learned this prior to my Fit Mom journey, but it made it so much easier to have success! Be your own fitness trainer. It will help you reach your success!


When I first started getting serious about my fitness journey I thought that I needed a fitness trainer to reach my fitness goals. This was extremely naive of me! Once I learned to be my own fitness trainer that is when I truly succeeded.

Be your fitness trainer is easier than you think. I love the idea of someone pushing, but in the end you need to be that person who can push themselves. Once you focus on attaining that goal, your other fitness goals will fall into place.

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I decided that no matter what I could and would get myself to where I wanted my fitness goals to be. While I’d love to have someone yelling at me to do 5 more reps and just one more set I do not. I have me saying that to myself.

Learning to push myself and create my own workouts was the best thing I ever did for myself. Trust me when I say it is easier than you think.

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