Fifty Nifty Healthy States!

It’s that time of year again people! It’s time to make lists of everything and anything. Yay! The other day the United Health Foundation, UHF in the house, launched this year’s health rankings. I found it super cool to see how America stacked up. Here’s the overview of the study: America’s Health Rankings. Now I hope you all clicked the link, because I know you’re just dying to know where your state ranked. No? Good thing I’m here to tell you what’s what!

Climb up off the edge of your seat; I’m about to disclose which state’s number one. Its home of Cabot cheese and pure maple syrup; that’s right Vermont is healthiest! Woo-Hoo! Go Vermont! Did you know Vermont has steadily been climbing to the number one spot over the last twenty years? That’s dedication. You go Vermont. Strut your healthy ways! You deserve it. Let’s see you dance around in your cutest itsy bitsy teeny bikini!

Shout out to my home state of Massachusetts, they’re number four baby! Keep on rocking. Also, some stern discipline is in order for my current residence, the state of California. Number twenty-two. Really California; not cool! Get off your lazy bums people! Decrease your sedentary lifestyle. Stop smoking. Wash your hands. Do I really need to say this, but wash your hands people? It stops the spread of those infectious diseases! And can we do something about the pollution already? California was number twenty two last year and where I’m from that’s the opposite of progress.

I jest, but being healthy is def important. This is one list that everyone should be aware of. We all should strive to make each state equally as healthy as the next! There are things that we can all be doing all the time. Washing our hands, getting thirty minutes of exercise in each day, being cautious of our diets. And for us Californians, carpool, bike or walk when you can! Give back to your community. There are a lot of people less fortunate out there. We can all pitch in to make sure children stay in school and have the best opportunity to live in a healthy America!

So let’s here it for making America as healthy as Vermont! Get on it dudes and dudettes. Stay fit, happy, and healthy. And keep making lists. Share them. Spread them around like your healthy ways. I want more top ten “insert anything and everything here” of 2012 please!

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