Jumping rope is Fun!

Do you remember when you were a child and you’d jump rope?  Just for fun?  I certainly do! I loved it! Still love it.  I could never do those awesome double Dutch songs, but that never deterred me from jumping the good old rope! This holiday season my jump rope is the first thing I’ll pack for my east coast holiday journey.  Why am I bringing it?  Is this okay since I’m definitely not a child?  Of course it is and I’m going to tell you why!

First things first; did you know jumping rope is an awesome cardio workout?  Oh Snap!  A ton of you’ve been missing out.  It’s been estimated that just ten measly minutes of jumping rope (at least 120 jumps per minute) has the same benefits as jogging for upwards of thirty minutes.  No way! That is awesome news.  I just saved you a bunch of time.  If you’re on a limited workout schedule you can totally get a great workout in like me!

We all love the holiday season, but too many of us let our workouts go along with the year.  We get busy with wonderful holiday parties filled with delicious cheese and crackers, shrimp and cocktail sauce, and let’s not forget chocolate truffles.  Wow, we are busy little eaters!  But here’s the kicker, you’re never too busy to workout.  Trust me!  Bring your jump rope with you wherever you travel this holiday.  It will be your best-kept secret and your best friend, that secret lover that you hide from mom and dad.

Jump ropes are perfectly sneaky.  They’re compact and portable.  You only need limited space to use them.  You can jump inside or outside.  You can bring them to the gym with you and add them into circuit training.  They’re cheap, like five dollars cheap!  You can jump them with your family and friends.  My guy and I always jump rope together.  It’s fun!

Now that you’re on board with this whole jump rope thang, you’re going to need a few workouts to keep it interesting.  I always keep a circuit based jump rope workout in my back pocket.  Here it goes: Do 100-200 consecutive jumps, 50-100 jumping jacks, 10 jump squats (some people call these burpees – I do not!), and 30 slow crunches. Then REPEAT.  I do anywhere from 3-5 of these.  The more the merrier!

Okay, you want one more workout?  I did this one when I was home for Thanksgiving.  Set a timer for five minutes and then start jumping.  Jump five minutes straight without stopping.  It’s intense, especially when you’re still getting good at jumping rope.  Break for two minutes then set the clock again and do this at least twice more.  You’ll get a killer workout from both exercises!

Did you buy a jump rope yet?  Well go now! Trust me, it will be hard at first but you will get better very quickly.  There are definitely a ton of excuses why not to workout this holiday season, so get yourself a jump rope and crush them!

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