Exercise with Motivation!

I’ve heard it time and time again. We all have. “I have no motivation to workout,” or “I don’t enjoy working out.” There there’s “I don’t like to run,” or “I don’t like yoga,” or flat out “I don’t like the gym.” Excuses! Plain old excuses. Excuses. What’s an excuse ever gotten you? Nothing, they don’t get you anywhere people! And what are you afraid of, that you might actually enjoy yourself after all? Only you can be the motivating factor to exercise!

You have to want to be motivated, in exercise and in life. The statements above, the excuses, mean you’re afraid and just don’t want to exercise. That’s fine, unhealthy and unnatural, but fine if you choose to accept yourself as a person who does not exercise. Accept this and move on because it’s all about you. But if you’re just making excuses and can’t figure out why, you need some motivation!

Time for some motivating tips, but first let’s conquer that fear! It’s okay if you’re scared to go to the gym. I hear this a lot from ladies and I get it, the gym can be intimidating. It’s very much a solo place; everyone has ear buds in and is gritting their teeth to the music. Some people are smiling, I recommend this. But most people at the gym seem to know what they’re doing. Hot damn! That’s the tip: Fake it until you make it! Most of the time our fears are absurd. Why should you really fear the gym? Everyone there has a common goal and energy they’re exuding, and it’s all about fitness. That’s right! The entire gym has a similar mindset and that’s not scary at all! Now and days a lot of gyms let you try them out before you sign a membership contract s you can totally find the perfect situation for you. Some ladies would rather go to a female only gym and there are plenty of those around too! Just accept that there’s nothing scary about the gym. Everyone there is just like you!

If you prefer to workout in solitude then I have a tip for that too! Put some headphones on and go run outside. It’s the best solitude you’ll ever get! Oh snap, do you not like to run? Well… (Do I mention it’s an acquired taste, that everyone can learn to love it, that it’s the most liberating exercise I can think of?)… Running is so easy and affordable; it’s like having your own personal gym! Next go buy a jump rope; they’re cheap and provide an amazing workout that’s perfect for cardio. Start off by counting to 100 and then as you progress start setting a timer for 5-10 minutes. It’ll get hard and you’ll be sweating! Then, to really complete that home gym, buy a stability ball and some free weights. For the weights, I recommend ones that are adjustable in pounds so you can increase to heavier weights when you’re ready. I’m talking from ten to fifteen pounds for the ladies; we all get stronger! And there are some great stability ball workouts out there, so there you go! You don’t ever have to workout in front of anyone and your motivation found you!

Now you’re motivated, but if you’re still intimidated on how to start a routine and what will work for your body then my final tip is here! Go search online. Seriously, the internet is my go to spot for new workouts! Pinterest has tons of awesome fitness tips under the health and fitness boards. Popsugar.com always has great suggestions on workouts and Youtube.com has an array of fitness videos. So you seriously don’t need any fancy equipment, a fancy gym, or any of the fancy workout classes. We all have the tools and resources right at our fingertips!

Exercise with motivation and make it fun! Figure out what you want to do for exercise and stick with it. It’s inside all of us. Just embrace your inner workout god or goddess. I don’t believe anyone who says “they don’t like to workout.” All I hear is “I’m too (insert belittling adjective) to feel healthy, beautiful, happy, and strong.” That just seems silly! I love to run, hike, practice yoga and I’m open to try any new workout. But most important, I exercise with motivation and make it fun for me. Working out is personal, something you do for you, so personalize it and you’ll have your motivation!

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