Running Advice: Get Excited for Running Soreness

It’s time you get excited for running soreness! That’s the best running advice I can give, especially if you’re new to running or getting back into it. Running soreness is the best! I always feel it where I don’t expect to.


Diary of a Running Chick: May 22nd, 2017

Currently I’m having a revival of running soreness and I’m totally embracing it. I’ll be honest, I’m excited for it because I know it means I’m working my body hard. That’s why embracing it is such great running advice. After taking the time off I needed for my body to heal, I’ve truly embraced listening to my body and what it tells me after a run. My body has been sore!

Even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen, a part of me was hoping that I’d just go back to running six days a week no problem. I know, laugh at the ridiculousness of it! I knew that it wasn’t going to happen, at least not immediately. I also knew I’d have to deal with some major running soreness. It’s funny though, because I didn’t get very sore after the my first two runs. But on that third day, whoa! I was definitely sore.

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What did I do with my new found soreness? First, I was excited for it because it meant that I had pushed my body. It also meant that I would get to work past it. It had been a long time since I felt this type of running soreness. I’d gotten used to my “I’m pregnant legs” and the feeling of sore that accompanied them. Before that, I would get sore the day after running seven miles and need to run less. But this “getting back into running” soreness is different.

Why is it different? It’s different because you have to work your body past it. The catch 22 here is that the more you run, the less soreness you have. But you need to feel this type of soreness in order to ease yourself back into running. I started my first week by running twice. Then I moved up to three times and I did that for two weeks. Now I’m running multiple days in a row and running at least three days in a row until I take a rest. I’m conquering my soreness and embracing it!


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I find that these feelings of running soreness make me the most excited, but I’m also the most sore I’ve ever been. This is the tricky part kids. It’s the part where taking a good few days off would leave me with no more soreness. But it would also mean that when I go back to running, I’d be just as sore, if not more sore, than before! This is where I push through and I highly recommend you do the same. It’s the period where I know I have to drag myself out of bed no matter what!

Currently my goal is simply getting out there for any run. I’m not running for pace. I’m not running for miles. I’m running to embrace that soreness. I’m running to make my body be okay with the soreness. I’ve got to work those parts of my body that are sore. It’s my hips, my lower back, and the muscles that connect my legs with my knees! I know that they will subside and be replaced by the next level of soreness for me to work through. Bring it on!

For now though, I’m excited to have this soreness. It means that I’m on the verge of reaching my next running goal of being able to just go run. With that will come even more fun experiences to overcome! I can’t wait! If you need other running advice, I’m always here. We can work together!



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