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Two months have passed in 2018! That’s crazy to say but also feels like the time has moved at that pace. That means evaluate your diet. It’s part of our Fit Mom journey our BuzzChomp Fitness video series.


It’s so easy to just grab food on the go. There are so many pre-packaged meals at your finger tips and even ones that are low in calories appear to be “healthy.” It’s the fault in our food system and that’s why I always evaluate my diet. It’s those moments when I get a bit lazy with my food that I indulge in food higher in salt and sugar.


Last month I talked about resetting your taste buds. Processed foods is full of sugar and salt. Once you rid yourself of the addiction to salt and sugar you can truly embrace the natural flavors of foods.

I don’t need all that sugar and salt. None of us do and sometimes we just don’t know any better. Take this time to really be honest with yourself about what you eat. Commit to ridding yourself of one prepackage meal this week.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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