How To Always Be Positive – 5 Simple Steps A Day!

Learning how to always be positive is easy, but definitely daunting. BuzzChomp is here to help! Five simple steps a day is all it takes. Here’s how to always be positive!


How to always be positive is way easier than you think. It definitely takes a little effort in the beginning to embrace a positive life, especially if you haven’t done it yet. But that’s where I come in! Five simple steps a day is all it takes. Here’s how to always be positive!

1. Take it day by day
Learning to be positive on a daily basis doesn’t happen over night and that is fine. Like anything worth accomplishing in life, one day at a time is the best course of action. I love to be positive, but the littlest thing can throw me for a loop sometimes. That means no matter what happens, say whatever and no biggie, then move on.

2. Anchor yourself
Make sure you start your positive lifestyle by anchoring yourself to what is good in your life. I anchor myself to my family and friends. My support system is really great and a blessing in my life. I remind myself that this makes me lucky and it makes me happy. So no matter what life throws at me, I know that I have that great support system.

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3. Fake it until you make it
I use this tool in all aspects of my life. If you feel like you’re not being positive, then fake it. Throw those negative thoughts out and embrace that positive. It doesn’t matter if your job isn’t going well. Take that as a sign that you aren’t meant for that job. There is something better on the horizon for you!

4. Let it be easy
How to always be positive is easy. Just let it be easy. For a long time I would let myself fall into the negative and it wasn’t until I got sick with cancer that I truly realized I did this. I just let myself embrace the negative and that was so silly. The negative aspects of life weren’t doing anything for me. They brought me down and once I switched to always be positive, I found how to truly be happy. It doesn’t matter if there are aspects of my life that I’m working to change. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy and positive.


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5. Enjoy the journey
I’d love to say we live a thousand times and this is just one of our journeys, but I do not know that. With that uncertainty, gift, or whatever you want to call it, I always enjoy the journey! If this is the only life we live, then why should we not choose to be positive? The answer to that question is to always be positive! Life is uncertain, unpredictable, and in the end it’s how you react to a situation that defines you.

Trust me when I say that once I learned how to always be positive, I opened myself up to wonderful opportunities. It also made unpleasant situations not so bad. I was able to overcome my own adversities because I embraced positivity. It’s truly that simple. I accept the lesson in every experience, no matter if it’s unpleasant or happy.

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Since I learned how to be positive, I no longer let a previously “bad” or “negative” situation spiral out of control. I always give the example that if you run out the door thinking you will be late because of traffic, then you will. If you think something bad will happen, then it will. On the flip side, if you think the positive and embrace that positive, then it just fuels more positive!


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