Embrace Your Running Adventure! My Running Diary

Running is always an adventure, but there have been periods of my life when I definitely did not embrace it. That’s why it’s imperative to embrace your running adventure!


My Running Diary: August 22nd, 2018

I love to run daily, but for a long time I simply wanted to run daily. There were stretches of time where I did, but then I’d lose steam and lose my running. I realized that I wasn’t embracing my running adventure, because I kept telling myself that I wanted to run daily. Even though I wanted to do it, I wasn’t always following through.

To embrace your running adventure, you need to let go of the “want” like I did. I stopped telling myself what I wanted and I started acting upon it. There are so many ways to keep a consistent running schedule without feeling like you’re getting burnt out. This was a big thing for me that I didn’t understand.

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I’d always tell myself how I used to run in high school and college all the time. What I didn’t remind myself about is that I definitely gave myself a breather. In high school, I never worked out on the weekends unless it was for practice or a game for sports. I would also regroup between sports seasons and then push myself back into the gym. I did the same thing in college. I would slow myself down during finals and ease myself back in during different periods of the year.

Maintaining a fitness regimen like the above made it easier as I got older to allow myself to ease up on my workouts. Consequently, it led me to consistently stop and start back up my running. I know first hand how hard that can be on your mental and physical body. When I took a look at this and adjusted myself, that’s when I embraced my running adventure.


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No longer did I let myself start and stop because of outside forces. I decided that I’d run daily and during those periods when my life tries to seep into my running, I would adjust how much and how long I run for. Learning to embrace your running adventure lets you let go of constraints that you once put on your running. It sets you free!

For a long time, if I couldn’t run five miles then I didn’t think it was worth going out to run. This is absolutely silly and it hindered my running adventure. Sure, in a perfect world I can go out and run five miles every day, but that’s not always the case and I’m okay with it.

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Learning to embrace your running adventure truly is learning to look at yourself and prioritize your running, as well as what your expectations are for it. I’ve talked before about letting go of your run expectations and it truly is imperative to embracing the run adventure.

Once I was able to just let myself run, even if I didn’t go for long, I turned the corner on my journey. Doing so was still better than not getting out at all. If I feel my body needs that rest and I only run three miles, then that’s what I need and that’s what I do that day. This is how you can always embrace your running adventure!


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