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Time for a tech review! Tethys Iphone X screen protector review. Part of our BuzzChomp video series.


Since buying my Iphone X I have gone through two different brands and packages of screen protectors. Recently I discovered Tethys Iphone X screen protector and it is the best screen protector I’ve had. I’ve had many Iphones and this is the first time I’ve felt I needed a screen protector and trust me you really do!

There are two things that make the Tethys Iphone X screen protector great. First it is easy to install! Other protectors have had huge bubbles and lots of dirt that got under them. This one gives you the tools to make sure that you properly clean your screen prior to placing the protector as well as a tool to line up the protector.

The second thing is that it is an edge to edge protector and it’s durable! I’ve had edge ones before but it was durable. I also had one that wasn’t a full protector and it too was not durable. This one truly protects my screen.

The prior protectors I’ve had I needed to replace it within the first month because of bubbles, cracks, and or dirt under the screen. This one is still flawless! Let it be known I’m rough with my phone too and I have a baby who likes to play with it.

Trust me when I say you need Tethys Iphone X screen protector. It’s reasonable and it comes with three in a pack!



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