Eat Less! Weigh Less! Eating Correct Portions

Growing up I can remember for a treat my Dad would take us to Ihop for breakfast.  Sometimes this was breakfast for dinner because let’s face it sometimes it’s just better for dinner! With out fail, I would get the “Lumberjack breakfast.”  Do you remember this one?  It was bacon, sausage, eggs (over-easy), hash browns, toast, and pancakes.  Hot damn! I ate that whole damn meal! I can’t imagine how many calories I consumed.  To my own defense, I was a very active child with a high metabolism and by no means was it an every weekend experience.

I read in the Los Angeles Times that the LA County’s department of public health is encouraging people to downsize their portions and waistlines with a new campaign “Choose Less.  Weigh Less.”  This is definitely awesome! None of us should be eating those “Lumberjack breakfasts.”  We only need at most 2,000 calories a day.  This is the absolute most for non-athletes on average. To be obese you must be eating twice that or worse.

I know they say that less educated and lower income families, often minorities, are becoming more and more obese.  It’s cheap for them to go to a fast food joint and get breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  But you can make dinner for your family for much less money than it costs you to go out and get fast food.  Not to mention that stuff is death.  You have to want to make a change and realize that what you eat has a large affect on how well your body runs.

I’m not a part of this ever-growing obesity trend, but it scares me.  I notice it all over the country.  I’m constantly astounded when I go to an airport and I see the array of sizes of people.  I do think we should tax high sugar drinks, ban those XXL sized beverages, and tax fast food.  Like cigarettes, this stuff is killing us slowly and we are addicted to it.  LA County for sure has the right mindset.  It starts with the individual.  Even if you don’t eat that healthy overall, if you eat less of those unhealthy foods you’ll be healthier.  Personally, I love the technique of eating, stopping and waiting ten minutes to see if I’m still hungry, and then normally I don’t even remember that I contemplated wanting something more to eat!

Next time you want to splurge on breakfast how about just two pancakes and two eggs, or my ever favorite combo of two eggs over-easy, two pieces of whole-wheat toast (no butter), and two pieces of veggie sausage or turkey bacon.  Healthy eating and smaller portions is a lifestyle that feels great.  Hey, it works for me and I don’t plan on joining the obesity epidemic!  You shouldn’t either.



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