Celebrity Pinterest: If Honey Boo Boo Had a Pinterest Page?

You see a lot of arts & crafts on Pinterest. It also has a ton of recipes, workouts and do it yourself projects. But what if TLC’s pop-culture phenomenon Honey Boo Boo (aka Alana Thompson) had a Pinterest page?  What would her top 5 pins would be? Possibly:

1. An array of Tutus. Every girl needs an assortment of Tutus especially little Boo Boo.

2. Favorite Hair Product It takes more than a brush to get her curls just right.

3. A Large Tub of Wipes. The make-up goes on but it needs to come off.  Boo Boo Wipes are the best bet.

4. Set of Enormous Suitcases She’s gotta have the proper luggage for all of those tutus and wipes. -She’s gonna have baggage.

5. An Affordable Therapist. If she has any money left in her adult life; she’ll need a therapist to figure out what happened and perhaps deal with some mother issues at that.

Her Pinterest page can become a way for her to work out the many issues in her life.  Wonder what her Pinterest page will look like in her teen years?

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