World of Warcraft: Pet Battles

Pet Battles, or should I say Pokemon? Either way they’re both awesome. When I was 6 I got Pokemon Blue when it was first released and have been hooked since, now Blizzard has added it into World of Warcraft, and I love it. Each pet has a different family and each family has different strengths, weaknesses, and unique passives.

The Humanoid Family. Passive: Each time your pet attacks it heals 5% HP. Super Effective against Dragonkin, Weak against Undead, deals reduced damage to Beasts. The Beast Family. Passive: When your pet is at or below 50% HP, Attack is increased by 25%. Super Effective against Critter, weak against Mechanical, deals reduced damage to Flying.

The Flying Family. Passive: When your pet is above 50% you gain 50% more speed. Super Effective against Aquatic, weak against Magic, deals reduced damage to Dragonkin.

The Dragonkin Family. Passive: When your pet brings an enemy pet to or below 25% your attack is increased by 50% for the next round. Super Effective against Magic, Weak against Humanoid, deals reduced damage to Undead.

The Undead Family. Passive: When your pet dies they return from the dead Immortal for 1 round. Super Effective against Humanoid, weak against Critter and deal reduced damage to Aquatic.

The Aquatic Family. Passive: The duration Damage Over Time abilities is reduced on your pet. Super Effective against Elemental, weak against Flying, deals reduced damage to Magic.

The Magic Family. Passive: Attacks cannot deal more than 50% of your pets HP. Super Effective against Flying, weak against Dragonkin, deals reduced damage to Mechanical.

The Mechanical Family. Passive: When your pet dies it returns to life with 25% HP. Super Effective against Beast, weak against Elemental, deals reduced damage to Elemental.

The Critter Family. Passive: Your pet breaks out of Crowd Control effects more easily. Super Effective against Undead, weak against Beast, deals reduced damage to Humanoids.

In order to start battling with pets you have to get Pet Training for a fee from the Pet Battle Trainer in Orgrimmar/Stormwind. In order to battle pets in the wild, you have to find pets with a green paw icon above them, it’s much easier to spot them on the mini map though, to trap one you must bring it to 35% or lower HP.

Once you get 3 pet slots, which is obtainable by getting the Achievement to level a pet to 5, you can start PVP Pet Battling. For the pets that you obtain in the wild, they are in 4 qualities; Poor, Common, Uncommon and Rare. Some pets you can only get in specific areas, and at specific times, as you’d expect, some are rare to even spawn. Rare Quality pets gain the best stats when leveling up, there are many pets out there to be trapped. Gotta Trap ‘Em All!

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