Don’t forget. Have fun with fitness!

It wasn’t easy, but you’ve built yourself a health and fitness routine. You changed the way you eat and workout and love the results. Welcome to the health revolution. Go you!  Maybe you get up early every day of the week and run or take a workout class.  Other days it’s a nighttime class or trip to the gym. And there are those days where you’re tired, feel worn out, but you push through it because you’re not the same person without exercise. Wait; hold on one minute! Are you having fun?  You have to have fun with fitness!

Last week I bought a bike! In Los Angeles so many people ride bikes and my man and I have wanted them for a while.  What fun! Once I got on that bike, let me tell you, it was amazing. Sure, it was daunting at first riding beside cars and big trucks to reach the deserted residential streets.  I’d never ridden in a busy city before, but I felt freed! The city opened up to me and I was exercising too. Woo! I’d found a fun new fitness activity that felt nothing like exercise.

On my first bike ride I rode for six to eight miles, a good distance, but to me I was just playing. And even though I wasn’t trying to workout, I of course did! It reminded me that having fun should be a part of all my workouts. Its fun to reach the finish, fun to achieve your exercise goals and even more fun to revel in how great you feel afterwards. Have you ever biked up some major hills? Me neither until now! And when I finished I was so happy with myself. All I wanted to do was get right back on that bike. It was a blast!

This is the key to maintaining a workout lifestyle.  You have to make sure you have fun! Trust me, everyone has at least one physical activity that they thrive on or that they love. I’m lucky because I love to workout and enjoy almost everything. I always feel happy after I run, go to the gym, yoga, a bike ride, a long wilderness hike, or anything physical. But I have my moments where I need to drag myself out there. Even after my toughest workouts, where I can’t wait for it to be over with, I’m happy I did it and in the end I always have fun! Find yourself that one go to physical activity that frees you up and makes you feel great. I found bike riding and got an awesome workout in without even trying!

So get out there people and make sure you’re having fun! Stick to your health and fitness revolution!

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