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Crossfit workout video and review! This is another at home circuit. This is a great workout and I gave it an 8/10 on our BuzzChomp fitness series.

This workout is 10 exercises. It starts at 10 a piece for the first three then 20 for the next three followed by 30 for the last three and caps it off with sixty second plank. You repeat this circuit three times. This really made the crossfit workout circuit well placed.

The great part about this Crossfit workout is that the exercises compliment one another. I love that you start out with jump lunges followed by burpees. Both of these exercises are difficult. You only do ten reps of each but it will get harder your second and third cycle through.

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This Crossfit workout gradually gets intense. I did 20 sits up and then 20 mountain climbers. Neither amount of reps is lot but doing these exercises back to back is works similar muscles. A way to feel each exercise even more is to do them slower so you hit all of your muscles. This will make the workout harder.

I really enjoyed this at home Crossfit workout. Make sure that you repeat this circuit three times. You’ll truly get those benefits from the completion of this workout.

This is definitely a beginner Crossfit workout but it’s very good. It’s mixing the cardio and strength training aspects of Crossfit. There is no weight lifting to do but you’ll still get great benefits.

What’s your favorite Crossfit workout? Share it with me and I’ll try it out.

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