With Clear Top Six in NFL Draft 2023, Will Bears Miss Out?

nfl draft 2023

The top six is undeniable, with two monster defenders and four QBs headlining the NFL Draft 2023. Chicago moved back to nine, so do they miss out entirely and lose their win-win scenario?

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As we wait on outcomes for the Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson sagas, the last domino of the NFL offseason is the NFL Draft 2023. We are still weeks away, but this draft seems to have already settled into a six-man group: the four quarterbacks and the two elite defensive prospects.

The two elite defenders are none other than Jalen Carter and Will Anderson, both talented enough to go first overall. Our four quarterbacks, ironically, feel like they fit into rather known archetypes. 

1) We have Bryce Young, the college stud who is undersized. He is our QB front runner, but will his success translate, or is he too small?

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2) Number two is CJ Stroud, the pocket passer with elite accuracy but underwhelming athleticism. Does he offer enough to be a franchise quarterback in today’s game?

3) Anthony Richardson is the opposite. He is all athleticism but often struggled in college. Can a team develop him into a success story?

4) Fourth is Will Levis, the big arm with great measurables who could not put it together in college. Will an NFL team unleash him or be disappointed by his production?


NFL Draft 2023 Holds Clear Top Six



Todd Salem: Bears Lose A Win, Win Scenario

This draft is super interesting because Carolina has already traded up to the top pick in the draft to, presumably, select one of the four quarterbacks. We listed them in the general consensus order of how most folks think they will come off the board. That hardly means anything though. The Panthers might have fallen in love with Richardson and traded up to take him. Or they could believe more in Stroud’s arm and mental capacity than anything else the others have to offer. 

In which direction does Carolina go? And how many picks go by before all four quarterbacks are selected? It really feels like all four could be taken within the top six picks, not that they are all deserving of such a high selection.

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I say six because Will Anderson and Jalen Carter are going to be taken ASAP. Carter’s legal troubles play a role in this, and his stock could drop if more news comes out. But otherwise, these are the two best players in the draft, and the only thing preventing them from being rated first and second is not playing the quarterback position.

It’s what made Chicago’s position so enviable. The Bears had a win-win scenario. They could pivot away from Justin Fields and take their franchise quarterback. Or, they could move ahead with Fields, trade down, recoup a ton of great assets, and still land one of the two best players in the draft. Except, this is the Bears, so they managed to potentially lose a win-win scenario. 

Instead of trading with Indianapolis at four, Las Vegas at six, or even Houston at two, the Bears moved themselves outside of that top six grouping, meaning they are likely to lose out on taking Anderson or Carter. We don’t know what other offers Chicago was presented with, and the return it did get was great, but dropping all the way to nine is a slight error considering this draft class.


nfl draft 2023
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Dan Salem: Bears Don’t Lose, But Can’t Win Either

Either to cover up their blunder, or in defense of their haul, the Bears keep claiming they wanted to be at pick nine the whole time. Considering they snagged an elite wide receiver in the deal, I find nothing inherently wrong with the trade. Yet here Chicago sits, firmly on the outside of grabbing one of the top two players in the NFL Draft 2023. Perhaps they trade back up, or more likely they have their sights set firmly on another position of need.

The Bears didn’t exactly win the win-win scenario, but they have yet to lose it either. Chicago has seen enough from Justin Fields to keep building around him and not give up so quickly. Unlike the New York Jets who saw an avalanche of evidence pointing towards Zach Wilson not being ready to lead their team, Fields has shown the opposite. Setting aside the numbers, he has done the intangible things which make you want him to lead your team.

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Building around him is the smart money move, so adding DJ Moore is huge. Strengthening the offensive line is just as important, which is where I believe the Bears land in the NFL Draft. With three top linemen on the board, they “should” get one with pick nine. Trading back up a pick or two is also an easy option, since they have a ton of draft capital to work with.

All of that said, its hard to ignore the fact that two players stand far and away above everyone else in this draft. I don’t see Carolina going away from a quarterback with the top pick, but selecting a franchise-altering defensive player is a rare opportunity in and of itself. Carter’s legal troubles scare me, but I’m not convinced they won’t be water under the bridge come draft day. Anderson would be the leader and face of your defense for years to come, ideally. The Panthers will choose Bryce Young, but the slam dunk nature of picking Carter and Anderson tosses everything else up into the air.

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I can see all three of the quarterbacks after Young slipping past Chicago at pick nine. This is because none appear NFL ready. CJ Stroud might be, but his lack of athleticism is something to watch. There are obvious exceptions to his archetype, but generally speaking, a quarterback who can roll out of the pocket and scramble when necessary will be better than one who cannot. This puts Carter, Anderson, and our three offensive linemen ahead of the pack of quarterbacks, not to mention the other defensive players all being slotted into the top ten by our experts.

I’d be shocked if one of the four quarterbacks aren’t still available for my Jets at pick thirteen. Richardson is worth a flyer, because he is that athletic. Could Baltimore snatch him up with pick 22 or earlier, much like they did with Lamar Jackson? After last season’s underwhelming QB class, everyone is itching for some studs. I don’t see any sure things beyond Young. But heck, a sure thing only means they will be in the league awhile. Not that they are worthy of leading your team for years.


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