Brendan Fraser Top 5 Roles Of All Time

Brendan Fraser, for a long time was everywhere until he wasn’t. These are his top 5 roles of all time. Love that this guy has this comeback, totally well deserved!


For such a long time Brendan Fraser was absolutely everywhere. He was in so many awesome and fabulous movies. This comeback is so well deserved! He is absolutely fabulous in The Whale. He truly is the movie and it was captivating and tragic to watch.


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The best part about Fraser’s career is that he’s so versatile, whether he’s an action star in The Mummy Returns, or a Rock N Roller Wannabe in AirHeads. He’s had such a large volume as well as diversity in his career.

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My all time favorite is School Ties. I watched this so much growing up! Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Brendan Fraser Top 5.



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