Poker Face Episode 8 Everyone Dies!

Poker Face Episode 8 everyone dies! After last week when no one died, this is a welcomed change. This episode is so quirky and fun! It really is very fun.



Power Face Episode 8 everyone dies. This episode is really extremely interesting. I like the way it unfolded. The story was very simple, but it showed it from every angle, which really painted a very nice picture, especially since the backstory of the three main guest stars is intricate and interesting.


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Nick Nolte is fabulous is as Arthur. He’s such an interesting and tortured character. Cherry Jones as Laura and Tim Russ as max are equally as amazing. The always perfect Luiz Guzman rounds out these guest starrs. Natasha Lyonne also directed this one. I love that! This whole episode is one of the best ones! A truly fun television episode.

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Poker Face Episode 8 is def one of the best ones! Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 8 reaction.


Poker Face


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