Michelle Williams Best Roles Of All Time!

Michelle Williams always beautiful acts a role. It’s what she’s done since she burst on the scene in Dawson’s Creek. Now with her 5th Oscar Nomination, she truly has an amazing body of work. These are his top 5 roles of all time. She’s such a fabulous actress.


Michelle Williams is beautifully fabulous in all that she does. Even from the beginning of her career with Dawson’s Creek adapting her character to every ridiculous character shift seamlessly and with grace. She continued to do that her decades long career.


Watch Michelle Williams Top 5 Roles Of All Time


Williams is so versatile fabulously nailing her Jennifer Lindley in Dawson’s Creek, as well as her heartbreaking roles in Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine, Manchester by the Sea, and her newest role The Fabelmans. She so naturally, vulnerably, and beautiful brings all of her women to life!

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She is amazing in The Fabelmans and truly heartbreaking. It’s my favorite performance so far. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Michelle Williams Top 5.



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