James Cameron Top 5 Movies Of All Time

James Cameron Top 5 Movies Of All Time! I love him and he has some really great films. If you personally know me you can instantly guess what my favorite of his is. Hello Titanic, but he has so many other great and interesting films.

James Cameron has such an amazing career. It’s so diverse too. He’s done the Terminator movies and I’m in the camp that the Terminator 2 is better than the Terminator. There are so many fabulous movies of his and these are my top 5 movies of his of all time.


Watch James Cameron Top 5 Movies Of All Time


Cameron is truly a versatile writer and director. Whether it’s the Terminator 2 and Aliens which rely are amazing sci-fi films. Then he takes us on an adventure in the wonderful True Lies, which he wrote and directed. Another sci-fi adventure is the The Abyss, which is definitely underrated.

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Titanic of course is my absolute favorite James Cameron film. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my James Cameron’s Top 5.



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