Celebrity Pinterest: Mr. T’s Top Pins.

If Mr. T of The A-Team had a Pinterest page: His Top 5 Pins

1. Rihanna sporting a Mohawk: Uh Rihanna mohawk? Of course Mr. T would pin this.

2. Collection of Mohawk Pics: Mr. T needs constant inspiration to keep his mohawk – photos help.

3. Chevy Van with Flames:  Every A-Team needs a good van.  Chances are you will be living in it.

4. Gold Rings: Mr. T’s got to have his bling.

5. Chains of Gold:  This is Mr. T’s favorite movie.  The number one inspiration for his own chains of gold.  “I pity the fool who doesn’t love Chains of Gold”

Sometimes when the police aren’t available; That’s when you call Mr. T.


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