Buns and Guns Fitness Challenge Oh So Worth It!

The Buns and Guns fitness challenge is oh so worth it! I really wanted a great challenge to finish off my pregnancy with and this one was just that. It is definitely challenging, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not!


I’ve truly focused on my arms and lower body throughout my pregnancy, my buns and guns, knowing that I had to let my core do what it needed to do for the baby! I’d already been doing 20 push-ups and 20 dips a day, so doing this fitness challenge was perfect. It added in leg work, which I love!

I always enjoy challenges that switch it up. Buns and Guns pairs push-ups with squats and dips with lunges, alternating every other day. You start off easy with five push-ups and ten squats on day one, then ten dips and ten lunges on the second day. You rest on day five, and then every sixth day afterwards for the remainder of the challenge. It builds intensity nicely and the rests are perfectly spread out.

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This challenge grows gradually. Personally, I loved the build and found it great, because doing thirty days of push-ups, dips, squats, and lunges really works your body. For me, even though I had been doing push-ups and dips regularly, as the numbers grew it got very intense! That will happen for you too!


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The best way to approach Buns and Guns is to take your time with the push-ups and dips. It’s what I did and I feel way stronger for it. You can totally break them up into sets if you need to, or if you need to go down on your knees for the push-ups, that’s perfectly fine. I went down onto my knees for the push-ups in order to really work my arms. My belly is a lot heavier now and I needed to make sure that I was getting the full effects of the challenge!

For dips, you can totally break up these bad boys into sets as well. I had to as I got closer to the end. I wanted to make sure that I really felt them in my triceps. That’s the key to building your muscles, so I highly recommend making sure that you take your time with these exercises. You’ll truly feel them and you’ll see the benefits in your body! For me, my arms are now super strong and you could never tell from my arms that I’m almost nine months pregnant.

As for the lunges and squats, they were perfect compliments to the push-ups and dips. Squats are really great for pregnant women, but they’re also great for everyone else. They really work your bum and they’re going to get you a defined booty too. Squats will also work your legs. Sure, they are for the buns in this challenge, but working your legs is just a nice bi-product.



The same goes for lunges, they’ll truly work your bum. Make sure you go slow with them and don’t rush the exercise. You really want to get the most out of the lunges. If you don’t do them often, they’ll start to get really hard. Take your time with them, especially in the beginning! You’ll thank yourself for having a solid base once you get to the last day of forty lunges!

The Buns and Guns fitness challenge is great! I felt so strong doing this. It was perfect because I could make adjustments to it, being at the end of my pregnancy, but my man did this with me and he didn’t have to make any adjustments. It truly is a great challenge for anyone at any level!



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