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Our Pregnancy Vlog Week 37! It’s all about the mommy dilemma!

We’re just shy of two weeks away from this baby coming into the world! Crazy! This pregnancy has gone by so fast. Now we’re just sitting here waiting for her to come!


All of this waiting has stirred up an array of emotions of course! That’s where the whole dilemma comes in! My mind has so many different things stirring around in it. I have the anticipation of labor! I hope it doesn’t hurt too much! I have so many things I want to get done and get ahead of prior to the baby coming! Let’s not forget we need to set up the nursery! My hubby and I just moved so we’re finishing off organizing and all that jazz.

That’s right because there is so much going on that my mind is just moving at warp speed! I guess that’s just what happens right before your life is changing forever! I’ll just have to take my two weeks and get what I can done but also relax and let all my worries go! There is nothing I can do about them now because this baby is coming!


I’ll just be sitting over here and waiting for this baby to come! What did you all do during the last two weeks of your Pregnancy?

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