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Our Bodyweight Booty circuit is here. It’s part of our Fit Mom journey and it’s a no equipment based workout. It’s our BuzzChomp fitness series.


This bodyweight booty circuit is easy to remember because it’s six exercises and you do each of them 20 times. Once you finish one round repeat four times for a total of five rounds. This makes its super simple to remember and gives you no to not to continue on after one round.

None of the exercises are complex. You start off with bodyweight squats to reverse lunges to squat jacks to hip bridges to marching bridges to frogger. The only two exercises that need explanation are marching bridges and froggers. Marching bridges are bridges and you raise your leg up like your walking. Frogger, you start in plank and hop to the front, with your hands still in plank.

Frogger are by far the toughest part of this bodyweight booty workout. Just make sure to keep a good pace for you. I remind myself that for longer circuits like this one to take it slow and to accentuate every exercise. You will get a much better workout by not rushing through each set of exercises.

I love workouts like this because you don’t need anything except a mat and it really gives me no excuses to not workout. You don’t need a gym, you don’t need any props, and you will definitely get a great workout in.

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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