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Everyone is always looking for an Instagram Hack but IncentaFan is a scam and definitely not an Instagram hack! We review it and expose the truth. It’s part of our BuzzChomp social media series.


The funny thing about this whole thing is that there is not truly an Instagram hack. There are ways to boost your followers organically, but it all comes down to your niche and content. IncentaFan claims to be something it is not. I tried it out and have a review for you. Basically its a scam and this is why. I did a video a few years ago about an organic tool called Popugram. Popugram is an account where you go and follow their 162 followers (all celebrities) and there are people out there who like to follow people who follow big accounts. Its kind of an Instagram hack.

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When I did Popugram it worked for me and I doubled my followers within a week. It gave my account a nice organic boost. My review video has over 8,000 views on our Youtube channel and has a myriad of comments, 100’s of them all advertising IncentaFan. The comments are very similar, claiming the content of the video doesn’t work and it is a scam and that you have to take surveys. You don’t.

These commenters did not watch the video and they are only commenting as one of three ways to gain “coins” with IncentaFan, which equal followers on Instagram. The other two ways are to buy coins (which is just buying followers) or to do surveys! If you sign up for IncentaFan you get 5 coins and it said I got my 5 followers, but I organically get followers every day so who knows if they are legit.

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The survey section doesn’t even work. I clicked on all of the links and most of them didn’t work, one was a virus, and one brought me to Walmart to take a survey. So really, you need to either buy coins or be one of their advertising mules! No thank you!

There is no Instagram hack and IncentaFan is just a reminder of that. Beware of the IncentaFan scam. How many IncentaFan comments do you think I’ll get on this video?

Check out our original Instagram hack video here that spurned this whole IncentaFan investigation!

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