The National Football League And Its Beautiful NFL Beards

There’s a competition going on among NFL players, and it has nothing to do with football. Who has the best NFL beard? This is the National Football League and its beautiful beards.


The National Football League’s (NFL) Jerry Rice owns virtually every significant football record that you can think of, including: receptions (1,549), receiving yards (22,895), most 1,000-yard seasons (14), combined net yards (23,546), and total touchdowns (208). One record that Rice certainly does not have, however, is actually more important to many players: NFL’s best beard. Jerry, despite his best efforts, doesn’t even crack the top 10 NFL beards.

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The number of men who don’t shave at all is up across all age groups, now standing at 20%. NFL players, especially during No Shave November, will certainly rock all kinds of powerful NFL beards this season. This begs the obvious question, who wins the title of best beard?

Here are some of the best beards in the National Football League:

  • Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles Center – Kelce has a wonderful beard, but that wasn’t enough. He’s rallied fans of his to grow or photoshop beards onto their Facebook profile pictures as part of a “Beard Yourself” campaign.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback – Fitzpatrick’s nicknames literally are “The Beard” and “The Amish Rifle.” Despite many NFL players and his wife hating his beard, Fitzpatrick still dons a powerful and great-looking beard. “I think he looks great with it,” said former teammate Willie Colon. “The beard kind of gives him character. It gives him a little flair.”
  • Eric Weddle, Baltimore Ravens Defensive Back – From length to burliness, Weddle’s beard has it all. “My beard kind of grew into this mythical being in itself,” Weddle said. “I roll with it and it’s pretty awesome. It’s unique.”
  • Deandre Levy, Free Agent Linebacker – Levy, in his eighth season in the NFL, is recognized for his ability to create turnovers, for his athletics, and for his long, strong, dark beard. Its impressive among NFL beards.
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  • Nick Mangold, former New York Jets Center – Considered one of the best centers in the history of the sport, the 34-year-old is 6 foot 4 inches tall and has rocked a messy, blonde beard throughout his career. He showcased his facial hair in five Pro Bowls, as well.
  • Brett Keisel, former Defensive Lineman – Keisel might not be on an active NFL roster, but ask almost any player or fan and they will likely name him as the best beard in the sport. He arrived in the league in 2002 and played 12 seasons for the Steelers. He wore number 99 on the field, dark black eye paint, and his 6 foot 5 stature made him an absolute difference maker out on the gridiron.


Additionally, here are some incredible beard-related NFL statistics:

Clean Shaven

Overall, 19% of NFL players are clean shaven. This month might be a little different, however, due to the No Shave November campaign. Here is a positional breakdown of clean shaven NFL players:

  • Quarterbacks – 44% of players
  • Special Teams – 38%
  • Wide Receivers – 23%
  • Tight Ends – 23%
  • Fullbacks – 21%

Full NFL Beards

Though there are five o’clock shadows (15% of players), mustaches (13%), goatees (12%), and other styles (4%), full beards (15%) are the best NFL look. Here’s the breakdown of the beards:

  • Offensive Line – 28% of players
  • Fullbacks – 21%
  • Defensive Line – 19%
  • Tight Ends – 16%
  • Special Teams – 16%


Which bearded NFL pro is your pick of the season? Comment below and vote for your favorite beard, then check out all the action on Sundays!



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