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The Walking Dead Season 9 Ep 7 a tease! It’s our recap reaction with just 1 more episode left in the first half of season 9. The show continues with it’s slow pace nothing happens technique. Join our BuzzChomp TV video series.


This recap and reaction contains SPOILERS

The Walking Dead Season 9 Ep 7 a tease. There is no other way to put it. The Walking Dead seems to rest back on its filler episodes that tell you the same thing over and over barely giving you any new information. This whole episode did just that.

We heard multiple times that Maggie left Hilltop. Something happened between her and Michonne, leading Michonne to not venture to Hilltop in all these years. This rift created a distance between Alexandria and the other communities.

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Why did this happen? We do not know. When did this happen we do not know. We are just led to wonder instead of being shown. A better use for the episode would have been to show us what happened. Why not use flashbacks to show us what happened. Instead we watched Michonne, the Doctor, and the new group of people take the whole episode to travel to Hilltop and not even show up at the end.

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They teased the herd without truly addressing it, they talked about going out to find Eugene, and Carol successfully brought Daryl back to society. The latter everyone knows would happen so why not show a bit of his depression post Rick. Not have him tell us that he’s still looking for Rick since they didn’t find a body.

Miss opportunities from The Walking Dead. Next week’s the midseason Finale. Who’s continuing to watch after? Check out our full video for our full recap reaction.

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