Beach Body Challenge: Toughest Fitness Challenge Yet!

The 30 Day Beach Body challenge is definitely the toughest fitness challenge I’ve completed. I wanted a full body challenge and this bad boy worked EVERYTHING. The Beach Body challenge is definitely advanced, and should be entered into knowing that your bum is going to get kicked! Enter at your own risk!

Every day of this challenge is different, yet there are several consistent things about it. On five different days you’ll hold plank, beginning on day two with two 30 second planks. After that, the next plank day is three 60 second planks, then four 60 second planks for the other three days. It’s not the only thing you do on those days either. Each day of the challenge has two exercises, and with plank you either do bicycle crunches, Russian twists, burpees, or jumping jacks along with it. You get your butt kicked by the plank and then you kick it again with a second exercise!

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The variety of exercises is consistent and awesome. The challenge works your full body in succession. One day you’ll do 200 punches and 200 butt kicks, then the day after its 50 plank walks and 50 lunges. Each day compliments one another while perfectly stretching and resting what you worked the day before! The variety of exercises made this challenge perfect! Sure, there were days I dreaded doing the workout because it was so tough. There were days I needed to figure out exactly what I was doing; hello day 29 of Froggies! Those bad boys were tough, but they opened my eyes to an exercise I wasn’t familiar with. Score!

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There is a consistent feeling you’ll have throughout the 30 days; being sore! My legs, abs, arms and shoulders were all so sore throughout. Just when my legs felt better, my arms burned. That’s how it was throughout the whole challenge! The variety of soreness was refreshing. So often with challenges you’re just working your arms or core, and it can be hard to maintain the challenge because one area is always sore. This Beach Body challenge will make you sore all over, but it’s worth it kids. The variety is super refreshing!

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I highly recommend this challenge for any experienced exerciser. It will definitely challenge you, make you question whether you want to continue, and at the end it’s so worth it! It keeps you on your toes, which is amazing. Anyone who works out knows, your body gets used to things and it’s imperative to switch it up. That’s what this challenge is all about!

I’m super tempted to do another 30 days of this Beach Body challenge, except my body is so sore! That doesn’t mean I won’t do this bad boy again in a few months, however. This challenge will really help you achieve a beach body. It truly is the BEST and TOUGHEST 30 day challenge I’ve EVER done. Not only did it challenge me physically, but it tested my mental toughness daily. That is definitely something we all need! Try the 30 day Beach Body challenge ASAP and let me know how it turns out for you.



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