A Different Approach to Love and Partnership

My viewpoint on love and relationships opposes conventional thinking. Instead of seeing the acquisition of a lover as the goal, I see the goal as joint advancement through the vehicle of love.

When the point of love is to capture the “other,” they become a tenuous target. Anxiety and torment accompany this formula. We can’t control others. We can’t make anyone love us. The rigors of this approach destroy any real love that could occur. To play by these rules necessitates games and activates the ego in all its misery.

The purpose of partnership is to experience love and expand our ability to know love, within. It is only this part of us that is able to love— the part that feels our love emanating outward. In loving, we experience our own life force in its finest expression. From this foundation, partnership becomes the treasured vehicle of advancement toward greater consciousness.

All who participate in our lives carry with their presence the ability to aid our evolution. That is their primary purpose, and our primary purpose in their life. The potential within relationships is no less than miraculous. It’s in the meeting of two souls, that the reflection of a greater image is seen. Powerful, magnetic, yet often elusive, we seek that mirror which will reflect our highest self in loving partnership.

The relationship fostered through love instructs and teaches the way of opening to all that is greater within, and all that can be achieved in union. It holds the energy of our finest moments co-mingled with the smaller moments of human reactivity. It is the vehicle of transformation and elimination, as well as generosity and selfishness. It is the balance of what we have become with that which we seek to become… ever expressing the Divine within the human, and the human within the Divine. When understood and utilized for its many teachings, we can grow to become our greater self via our combined selves.

Relationship holds the sweetness of birth, growth and release within its framework. We learn through our love, to give and release. We learn the greater and smaller parts of ourselves. It is the mirror that reflects our deepest desires and greatest offerings. Love is the gift we give to ourselves, as we give it to another.


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