30 Day Cardio Challenge Intense and Approachable!

I love 30 day challenges and if you read this site frequently, then you know I take on a new fitness challenge with Dan every month. This 30 day cardio challenge is intense and approachable and it’s perfect to start for June!


This 30 day cardio challenge breaks down into 12 different exercises, but they are all exercises that everyone has done before. There is no equipment necessary, which makes this the perfect challenge if you’re traveling this summer. Its well paced as well, with four days on and then the fifth day off. Even after the first round you’ll welcome that rest day.

The challenge starts out at 35 seconds per exercise and ends at one minute. At first glance, I definitely thought this would be an easier challenge than it was. If you break it down, it’s only the last set of the days where you’re doing each exercise for a minute, but this baby gets intense! Even though I have very good stamina, there were days where I definitely felt the intensity of this challenge.

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Most challenges have you do a number of reps per exercise, for example working toward 20 push ups or 30 push ups, so after 30 days of build up it’s not really that tough. This 30 day cardio challenge has you working toward doing a full minute of push-ups and it’s definitely tough. I found that in the beginning doing 35 seconds, I was able to do my push-ups fine, but as we added time I modified the push-ups. I had to go down to my knees because there was no way I could do straight push-ups for 40 seconds, 45 seconds, and so on. This made me really work on my regular push-ups before dropping to my knees. I made sure that I at least did 20!

The last day of this challenge says “test out that endurance” and so we decided to do every single exercise for one minute. That means on the last day of this 30 day cardio challenge Dan and I did a 12 minute workout. At first you think 12 minutes, that’s it, but each of these exercises is cardio and strength training. I made sure that we did not take any rests between exercises. It felt great doing it, but it definitely added to the intensity.


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A great way to make this 30 day cardio challenge approachable is with your pace. Dan and I workout a lot and both have great stamina, but that doesn’t mean that we went balls to the wall on day one. You can’t with these challenges or else you’ll burn out. Even with this cardio challenge, you’re building strength with body weight exercises and that can make you sore. Of course that is the best part, but it can also make some of these days hard! I didn’t even really count how many reps of each exercise I did because it wasn’t the point of the challenge.

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I truly was surprised at how sore I was from this challenge after I finished it last Tuesday. I still felt sore through the weekend and that is definitely the mark of a great 30 day cardio challenge. Even after all this time of doing 30 day challenges, I still am amazed at how each challenge offers something unique!

Try this 30 day cardio challenge for the month of the June! Make sure you let us know how you like it!


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