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Half way through our 30 day push-up challenge. On day 15th I’m feeling great and excited to be on my Fit Mom push-up journey!


I decided not to up my push-ups. I had discussed possibly doing this in my Day 7 review but instead I decided to add 10 leg raises. At day 15 I’m loving this 30 day push up challenge and I love that I’m truly getting my form back.


Anyone can do 10 push-ups a day. Trust me when I say that and setting out on this challenge is a great way to get your form, learn to love push ups, and to create a push-up habit. That is why I decided to just stick with the 10 push-ups a day. If you’re on this 30 day push-up challenge then I highly recommend adding in the leg raises too.

For me my arms and lower abs are the spots of my body that I’d like to target. After my 7 days of push-ups Dan suggested adding in leg raises to target my lower abs! I’m loving this extra addition to the challenge.

I can already feel the difference in my push ups from day 1 to day 15. I’m definitely a bit sore but that is to be expected since I’m doing the 30 day push-up challenge. I’m motivated to continue to add push-ups into my daily routine!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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