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10 Smart Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have this Holiday

smart kitchen gadgets

A smart kitchen is the hallmark of every modern home. Having the best smart kitchen gadgets enhances the efficiency of your cooking, while making your life so much easier. You need these ten this holiday!


We often spend a lot on unnecessary appliances for the kitchen, which we always regret later. Before making the same mistake this holiday, learn what smart kitchen gadgets will revolutionize your home life. Not all gadgets are created equal and many prove useless, or only serve a single purpose. Below are the ten best that will make you smile.

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We’ve done the research for you, so you can confidently invest in kitchen gadgets that are both sustainable and environment-friendly. These types of gadgets and equipment are ruling the market, because it is high time we think of the mother earth and our future generations to come. Read on for a look at the ten best smart kitchen appliances via chef Nellie Rodriguez and Who better than an expert to provide you the insight you need for your kitchen?


10 Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets


1. Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

This is probably the most important among our kitchen gadgets because of the sensors that it comes with. With the pandemic hanging over all of us, a soap dispenser that you need not touch is a life-saver. You need not have to worry about contracting germs from the bottle or bar of soap as it is the first thing you touch when you come back from outside. Go hands free instead!


2. Perfect Drink Smart Scale

Cocktails are ruined if you make the smallest mistake in the quantity of any ingredient. This kitchen gadget is great for tending bar at home. Do not make any more mistakes in pouring your drinks. Make it perfect every time like at your favorite bar!


3. Samsung Refrigerator With Family Hub

Samsung’s smart fridges never cease to fascinate us. The family hub is like a camera fit inside your refrigerator. You can access it on the phone or tablet, truly revolutionizing your food experience. Next time you go out grocery shopping, just take a look inside your fridge while you are at the store. 


4. The June Oven

This appliance will teach you how to organize kitchen gadgets. Gone are the days of owning a convection oven, broiler, slow cooker, dehydrator, toaster, and the list goes on. Having too many appliances simply crams the kitchen and makes working really difficult. This one performs the function of all of the above mentioned gadgets. It even has a dedicated app, as seen in the link below.


5. Smart Induction Burner and Fry Pan

The sensors in this pan and cook top combination will ensure you get perfectly cooked meat, vegetables, or veggie meat every time. No more overcooked or undercooked foods. Shine bright as a host with this smart gadget. 


6. Smart WiFi Instant Pot

Of all the kitchen gadgets that make life easier, we cannot help but include the WiFi instant pot. As the name suggests, it can do all that an instant pot does, but additionally connects to WiFi. This allows for Alexa-enabled functionality and all you need to do is give voice commands.   


7. Smart 12-cup Coffee Maker

Another one in the series of kitchen gadgets that can be connected to your voice command apps is the smart coffee maker. Don’t settle for your old button pusher. Make your coffee break efficient and fun. Of course, this also works just fine as a traditional coffee maker. Bonus!


8. Smart WiFi Air Fryer

An air fryer is not an exceptional appliance, but what about one which has 11 cooking modes and works on voice commands? Yes, this smart air fryer is a win. You can cook more than a hundred dishes with it. A healthy air fryer is a must for every home, so why not a smart one, right? 


9. Precision Poacher

People take so much trouble making a poach. Vinegar and swirling water is almost a ritual as complicated as summoning Satan. The Precision Poacher will make the perfect poach every single time without any hassle. Not just that, you can use it to prepare scrambled eggs, sous vide eggs, and several other recipes. 


10. Vertical Waffle Maker

Kitchen gadgets and their uses should help you prepare restaurant-style delicacies at home with minimum effort. The vertical waffle maker does just that. Pour the batter inside and wait for it to be perfectly cooked without having to flip it. No more undercooked slurry waffles that explode out and look like a mess.


The ten amazing smart gadgets above will truly change how you book, but even when you buy kitchen gadgets under $5.00, make sure they are worth it and make cooking easier. You don’t want your gadget taking up unnecessary space in your kitchen, or over complicating a simple task. Let us know about your experience with these gadgets in the comment section below.


Meet our Smart Kitchen Gadgets Expert:

Nellie Rodriguez is a chef at a famous joint in New York called ‘Serve it Right’. She has been very experimentative with her cooking and that has improved the prestige of her restaurant ever since she joined. She is urging more and more restaurants to ditch traditional kitchen gadgets and opt for the smart ones.

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