Willow Episode 5 | Wild Ending

Willow Episode 5 has a wild ending! Mostly a fluff episode, but it did give us some new details about everyone. The story progressed with the ending of a new adventure they all have to overcome in the next episode.


 Willow Episode 5 saw the gang escaping the Gales into the Wildwoods and having a little bit of a reprieve until that wild ending. This episode is definitely a filler episode. We learned some new things about a few of them, but really it was a way for everyone to regroup.


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They find the Bone reavers and it’s revealed that Jade is a Bone reavers. Definitely a bit anti-climatic. They have a party with them where they do some drugs and it’s a truth drug. Now Graydon wants to express his love to Elora. I don’t really like this pairing.

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Jade and Kit also express their love for one another. There is something about this relationship that I don’t like. I don’t think there is chemistry with these actresses and so I’m not really invested in their relationship

Boorman is one again hilarious in this episode. We find out that he used to be with the Bone reavers and he got taken by Trolls. No one ever escapes the Trolls, but Boorman got out through the poop! At the end of this episode Kit gets taken by the Trolls so we now know where Episode 6 will take us.

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Willow Episode 5 has a wild ending. This is a definitely filler episode, but gives us the new adventure for episode 6. Share with your thoughts? Check Out Episode 5 review.



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