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I love whole bean coffee and Whole Foods has some really great whole bean coffee. Our Whole foods Three Beans coffee dark roast review breaks down how we feel about this wonderful coffee. It’s part of our BuzzChomp product review series.


This Whole Foods Three Beans coffee dark roast is a steal! I absolutely love whole bean coffee because there is just nothing quite like the taste of fresh ground coffee. Don’t get me wrong, pre-ground coffee is delicious, but whole bean is just great!

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This dark roast is categorized as deep and smokey which is a 100% accurate statement. Unlike some other dark roasts I’ve tried, Whole Foods three beans is not too over powering. Some dark roasts have the tendency of tasting burnt. This one does not and it makes its perfect and delicious.

Watch our full video review of Whole Foods Three Beans coffee to get the complete skinny on this delicious whole bean coffee!

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