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I love Whole Foods and I’ve explored the 365 brand! Now I’m bringing you my knowledge of the best and worst products! First up Whole Foods 365 Night Owl Spanish Roast coffee review. Part of our BuzzChomp video series.


For a long time I had this image in my head about Whole Foods and how it was a luxury grocery store. While some items are much more expensive than other grocery stores, their 365 brand has some major gems! Dan and I love coffee and are always looking for delicious new flavors. Normally ground coffees are not our thing. I enjoy whole bean coffees that you can grind up in the store, but these Whole Foods 365 ground coffees are a gem!

The Whole Foods 365 Night Owl Spanish Roast coffee is the darkest of the ground coffees and I love dark coffee. The Spanish roast has a nice taste and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it during a nice cool winter morning. Dark roasts can be tricky at times because sometimes people burn their dark roasts (ahem we’re looking at you Starbucks) and that ruins the bold flavor.

The price is right for this Spanish roast coffee. Dan and I make a pot of coffee a day and it lasts about a week and a half. At only $3.99 for a 10 oz canister of coffee, it’s a great deal and you’re getting a delicious cup of coffee!

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I’ll be reviewing a myriad of Whole Foods 365 products! Let me know if you’ve tried this one, or if you have one that you think I need to try. First up Whole Foods 365 Night Owl Spanish Roast Coffee!



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