Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 | Evil Genius

The host army is turning our world into a host playground, with the new Westworlds a perfect distraction. Charlotte is an evil genius, with every avenue of existence under her control in Westworld season 4.


Charlotte is on the war path with her Host Army, as she unleashes flies to take ‘human cattle’ and turn our blood into host blood so then she can turn our world into a host playground. Opening a new Westworld is the ultimate distraction. Charlotte is an evil genius! She takes over the US government and has real William trapped for eternity. Maeve and Caleb are now in the 1920’s, while Dolores is definitely lost and probably in a Westworld as well. How many parks are there in Westworld season 4? Infinite.

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What happened to the theme park that was Westworld? It’s now big and better and literally everywhere. Are all of the androids out in the ‘real’ world, if its even real? With clones all over and evil Charlotte and more evil William unleashing mind control flies, who is actually in control of their own actions? It’s as if the entire world is a simulation, just like its always been.

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At least Maeve and Caleb appear on the side of good and in control of themselves. Maeve has some serious super powers going on, but she still is learning how to use them. Dolores is lost, with only repressed memories of her past. But I think that’s second Dolores! Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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