The Godfather Truth Behind Al Ruddy

The Godfather truth behind Al Ruddy and how it is depicted in the Paramount Plus TV Series The Offer. It’s interesting to see how they’ve portrayed this man!


The Godfather truth behind Al Ruddy, played Miles Teller, in the Paramount Plus TV Series the Offer. Teller is doing an absolutely fabulous job as Ruddy. It’s super interesting to see the behind the scenes of the making of The Godfather. The real life Ruddy is a producer on the series and it’s based off his book.

WATCH: The Godfather – Truth Behind Al Ruddy

Al Ruddy really did work for Rand Corporation and want to get into the entertainment industry. He did create Hogan’s Heroes with another man and then leave the show to produce movies. Like in the show, he convinced Bob Evans to give him a job producing movies at Paramount.

Some of the mob stuff is true, but the real story of Al Ruddy and the mob is much simpler. He did meet with Joe Colombo and the whole “mafia” word is cut out of The Godfather script and the movie. Otherwise there isn’t there much relationship he had with him. He does do the private screening of the movie for the mob, but that is it.

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Ruddy does receive a lot of flack from Gulf and Western for the Joe Colombo press conference, but Bob Evans smooths things over for him. While the Offer creates a rift between Evans and Ruddy there doesn’t seem to be one in real life. Ruddy does push for Al Pacino and Marlon Brando and Evans isn’t excited about them at first, he does end up being Ruddy’s champion and ally.

The Godfather truth behind Al Ruddy shows us The Offer stays pretty true to life! Share with us yours thought on him and check out our video breakdown of the truth.

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