Westworld Season 4 Ep8 | Hitting Reset Back to the Wild West

Of course Westworld season 4 came full circle, because it was always Dolores’ story, no matter which Dolores was in control. One annihilated everything, while the other hit reset and returned us to the wild west within the sublime.


Totally hit the reset button in the Westworld season 4 finale, as well as the annihilation button! Dolores was indeed in a prison. The real world did indeed collapse. Dolores left her prison, then was put back into the sublime. Now she’s creating a new world in the sublime. Dolores took it back to the wild west with a new game, which means in our final season we will be in a Westworld. It was a cool battle between William and Charlotte. She killed him, then herself. Everyone seems to have died out, except Frankie’s still alive with her little rebels. We’ve come full circle. Final season hitting reset. Westworld will return and go out on a high note. How will Dolores and Frankie unite?

WATCH: My Reaction to Westworld Season 4 Ep8

Bernard was transcending both the real world and the sublime world, testing out all paths and opening the door back to the real world. Dolores was the hope he spoke of, since William ushered in the apocalypse upon Charlotte’s version of our reality. Prepare to reinvent the wheel as we enter the sublime in the final season.

The sublime world is back under Dolores’ control, but for how long? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, meaning Dolores’ altruism will yield unexpected alliances against her. Who is actually in control of their own actions? No one, because its Dolores’ world through and through.

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At least Frankie and the rebels are still alive in the real world, even if society has completely collapsed. Maeve had some serious super powers going on, but where is she now? Dolores must choose who will live and who will remain in oblivion. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick recap.

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