Only Murders In The Building S2E9 | Legit Bombshells

Only Murders In The Building S2E9 revealed legit bombshells. Mabel really figures most of this out on her own. Kreps supplies a bunch of details that point her in the right direction even though he’s acting like he’s not giving her anything!


Only Murders In The Building S2E9 revealed legit bombshells. Mabel basically figured out the backstory for this whole murder mystery. Even though Kreps thinks he’s holding out on Mabel when they spare, he really gives her a lot of damning information!

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I love that Kreps is such a bigger role. He really damns himself in this episode. I know he thinks he’s being smooth and Mabel can’t outsmart him, but she links him to Cinda. She knows that they met on all All Is Not Okay in Oklahoma case! She now knows that Poppy is the girl who went “missing.”

One big thing we don’t know is why Cinda would want Mabel dead. I’m not sure she’s actually the murderer, but I kind of think she’s manipulating this case for her own podcast. I can’t figure out the connection between her and Bunny UNLESS Bunny somehow knew about her All Is Not Okay In Oklahoma scam.

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Bunny’s mother who showed up at her funeral is not her mother, but Rose Cooper. That is right, Rose Cooper revealed herself and wanted her painting back. Charles figures this out and finally finds the truth out about his father. Rose and Charles’s father had a love affair and he was protecting her from her abusive husband. That was sad for Charles to realize that he had the wrong thoughts about his father all those years.

Only Murders In The Building S2E9 drops legit bombshells. One question is did Alice think that Cinda was involved or did she just use that podcast because it was famous. Episode 10 will reveal a few more twists for sure! Share with us your thoughts and check out our video.

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