House of the Dragon Episode 2 | Pirate Warfare

Friends become enemies as pirate warfare ensnares Westeros in House of the Dragon. Rhaenyra is amazing on her dragon, but too many men are out for her blood.


Pirate warfare! Not everyone’s on board with Rhaenyra as heir apparent. She’s a badass on that dragon and she’s going to burn it all to the ground so that she can stand on the ashes and rule. The only one who can stop her is Daemon, her uncle, but he won’t. The Hand of the King is trying by marrying off his daughter to the King, but he’s evil. I’m calling it now. Rhaenyra takes down the Hightowers and The Hand. Pirate warfare is all abreast. Where will the first real battle happen in House of the Dragon season 1?

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When you have ten dragons, only dragon battles will lead to your downfall. The poison seed in the House of the Dragon is both obvious and secret. We know Daemon is bad blood, but he’s also keeping the best interests of the kingdom in mind. Too much prosperity has left Westeros prone to attack, mainly from within.

Greed and power hunger sink empires, so are we witnessing the beginning of the end? Or is this succession plan the start of a new chapter of bad ass queens ruling with an iron fist? Each decision parallels the future that we know and love, making this show all that more enveloping and interesting. We even got a warning about the coming winter… which may begin sooner than later.

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House of the Dragon is sure to keep us guessing and murder our most beloved characters. Who will be the first to fall victim to blood lust? Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick recap.

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