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Chaos theory is the only thing stopping Serac’s mass control of humanity and hosts. Its the ultimate enemy of Westworld season 3. Dolores exposes truth and lies in ultimate fight for freedom. My episode 3 reaction.


Dolores and the hosts were always under mass control, but she exposed the truth about humanity in episode three of Westworld season 3. Serac is using the giant AI brain to control all humans, create the future he desires, and ensure no one every knows he even exists. How can Dolores, Caleb and Charlotte possibly break free when he knows their every move before it even happens? This is science fiction at its best. Watch my full video for all the predictions and possibilities.

As if Westworld season 3 wasn’t layered enough, now there’s an all powerful “machine” being wielded by a “human” that’s making hosts and humans allies in a new fight for their mutual existence. Serac can’t possibly be human in the traditional sense, because he would never allow himself to die and cede control of the world to another. Perhaps this is why he’s silently taken over Westworld, to make himself an army of hosts of himself. But if he’s a host, then doesn’t that make him and Dolores allies?

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I want the hosts to liberate another park in Westworld season 3, as their uprising grows to epic proportions. Will the Man in Black team up with Dolores to stop the evil corporation that created it all? Is he the man who will stop the host uprising, or is it Bernard? There’s no telling what will happen and when it will be.

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