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Another trippy episode of Dispatches from Elsewhere brought us more questions, but some actual answers too! My episode 6 reaction explores who the mastermind of this whole game truly is. Perhaps Clara?


Six episodes into season 1 of Dispatches From Elsewhere and we’re finally getting some legit answers! In “Everyone” we find out that Clara is real. Plus, Peter and Fredwynn’s interests align. Who is this mastermind behind the game and conspiracy? Watch my full reaction video as I breakdown why Clara may be behind it all.

Finding out who the mastermind is behind this whole experience is Fredwynn’s mission. At first Peter and Fredwynn are at odds, because Peter’s mission is to find out if Clara is real. Fredwynn wants to solve the conspiracy and put the pieces together of who owns all the locations. He thinks that will get them answers. Ultimately, they are both right.

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Even though they are at odds, Peter decides to partner with Fredwynn, which leads them to bond. Peter gets a glimpse into Fredwynn’s world as Fredwynn connects all the locations, including Peter’s job, and they discover the truth of Clara.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever this mastermind is owns even more things connected to our group of four. Could they own the nursing agency for the nurse who takes care of Janice’s husband? Or do they own the art school that Simone attended?

The mastermind of this whole adventure definitely hand picked our group of four! They are intimately connected, which makes Dispatches from Elsewhere so interesting! Could the mastermind actually be Clara herself? Find out why I think its her in my full Dispatches from Elsewhere Episode 6 reaction.


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