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Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 2 Reaction. They’re all just waiting to die! OMG! This show and the tension.



During Game of Thrones Season 8 ep 2, most of the characters mention that they are all going to die. Therefore, it did feel like they were waiting to die. What do you do when you’re waiting to die? You make amends, drink, and have a ton of sexual tension.

I’m ripping the bandaid off and saying I was super excited for Arya and Gendry to have the sex! There has been some controversy over this. Some feel like they watched Arya grow up and all that jazz. At first I was like, oh but she’s a little girl, but then I was like wait she’s no little girl anymore. Girl got hers and look at her go! Woo. One of my favorite parts.

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There was also some major sexual tension and a bit of a love triangle brewing between Brienne, Tormund, and Jaime Lannister. I said this to Dan and he said he didn’t feel that way, but I felt it! I always felt like Jaime could have feeling for Brienne and he Knighted her! He knighted her! Let me know how you feel about that one!

There were also some major vibes coming from Tyrion. I know he’s upset with how things are going with Dany, but as I’m watching the episode I get an idea. Does Tyrion still have feelings for Sansa? He’s at Winterfell, she’s technically still his wife, I could see them ending up together. Am I the only one?

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Jon dropped his bombshell on Dany. Bran continued to be creepy, but made amends with Jaime. Jaime did not get tortured and will fight the dead. Check out our full video for our reaction/recap of this episode.

I’m so excited for Sunday! It’s the War at Winterfell and the dead is here. I’m on the end of my seat!



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