Vacation workout fun!

Summer is full fledge here and you know what that means? It’s time to go on vacation! That’s right; a wonderfully relaxing beach vacation. I can feel the sun, soft sand and warm ocean breeze. And I can see the payoff from my fitness in a killer beach body. Woo! We work so hard to be fit for our vacation that it’s a shame to let our fitness go while we’re away. Do you really want to be one of those people that comes back from vaca and complains that they put on weight? Do you want to feel the need to diet to the extreme? Heck no! Let’s all be people who stay fit on vacation, come home and resume our normal fitness regimes and feel great. I’ve got a secret that’ll keep you on track while away… keep up with your fitness! It’s that simple and can be even more fun than the day to day.

Don’t stop working out on vacation, just make it fun! I’m not saying spend three hours a day in the gym while you’re supposed to be enjoying the exotic beach and pool, but there are tons of great new ways to exercise at your vacation destination. Maybe you’re at a beautiful resort that has an unbelievable spa. Lucky you! Chances are that spa has a gym too. And I bet the gym is enormous and dead! Most hotels have some sort of workout room and many more have really nice gyms which remain ignored by everyone else. Make sure you take advantage, enjoy the privacy and fancy equipment, even if it’s just to get your blood flowing. I bet the spa has fancy workout classes too. Try spinning or yoga! Also, remember to pack that jump rope. You can use that bad boy in your room and burn some serious calories which you’re sure to drink and eat later!

If you don’t want to explore the gym then dive into one of the myriad of summer beach activities that’ll keep you on your feet, moving and burning some serious calories. No guilt at dinner! Take advantage of wherever you’re staying and indulge in some water activities. Snorkeling is way fun, relaxing and a workout. Depending on your height and weight, an hour can burn anywhere from 230-400 calories! How about kayaking? Another 230-400 calories burned for an hour! You’ll feel relaxed and invigorated afterwards, forgetting you also had a solid workout!

You’ve hit the gym, had your fill of the water, but don’t forget the beach! Go rent bikes for the day. Bikes! Woo! Biking for an hour burns over 500 calories and you’ll have so much fun that you end up spending the whole afternoon on a biking adventure. You can also try inline skating which burns about 400 calories per hour. Fun and fitness!

If you just want to lounge on the beach and get some sun, I’m with you. Take an hour and play a game of volleyball. You’ll be burning some serious calories, anywhere from 400-500 calories for the hour. And you’ll get a serious tan! If you want something a little more relaxing, bring a Frisbee and an hour of tossing that around will burn 200-250 calories. Walking is great too!

There are so many fun and different ways to workout on vacation and most don’t even feel like exercise! You can do them with your friends, your family, or the new people you meet traveling. You’ll seriously feel awesome when you get back home and won’t regret any of the fun you had while away! You’ll be tanned, toned and excited to continue your fitness revolution!

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